Our Core Values

Be'tzelem Elokim – In God's Image

We welcome every person as their whole self, honoring their unique Jewish journeys as we empower their growth as individuals and Jews. We cultivate a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued, needed, and has a significant role to play.

Torah U’Mitzvot – Torah & Jewish Tradition

We ground our work in Orthodox tradition and we are committed to Torah and Halacha and seek meaningful relationships with God. We cultivate a thriving Jewish tradition attuned to the ever-changing experiences of Jews in the modern world. By weaving together tradition and modernity, we strive to create a dynamic and inclusive community that embraces the richness of Jewish life in all its dimensions.

Kehilah – Community

Jewish life at its core is a collective experience, encompassing the multifaceted connections that bind us together as a Jewish people. We are committed to creating a diverse, supportive, sustaining community, in which individuals and families can celebrate, explore, learn, take risks, and grow. And we encourage respectful encounters within the local Jewish community, the broader Jewish community, and with non-Jewish communities.

Mi Dor L’Dor – Bridging Generations

We foster connections across generations, encouraging mentorship, shared learning, and strengthening the fabric of our community. We believe children learn best through experience and active participation. We also create sacred spaces that welcome children and provide engaging Jewish educational opportunities.

Chochmat Torah – Jewish Wisdom & Ethical Responsibility

We are committed to exploring the deeper questions of Jewish identity and ethical responsibility. We embrace a holistic approach that addresses moral and ethical dilemmas, interpersonal relationships, and our connection to the Divine and each other. By engaging with these fundamental questions, we aim to inspire personal growth and foster meaningful connections within our community.

Ahavat Eretz Yisrael – Love of the Land of Israel

Our commitment is rooted in a profound dedication to the enduring bond between the Jewish community and the land of Israel. We strive to support harmony and prosperity in Israel, recognizing it as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish nation.

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